To keep your balloons looking good for as long as possible please follow the steps below:

Keep balloons away from direct sunlight and warm places.

Balloon Garlands

Our Latex Balloons are fully biodegradable which means they oxidize over time.

This means that within just a few hours the balloons will become more 'cloudy' and this is completely normal.

On the off chance that the sun is shining bright enough to cause any damage, it’s worth noting that if left in the sun (including next to a window or in a conservatory), the balloon colour can start to fade, but also if it’s super hot, then be sure to know the balloon may pop. Due to the way that garlands are assembled, one popped balloon can mean a section will come loose. This is simple to rectify, please follow the video in the link below:

If you are having a hire garland off us as part of a package, and wish to use it outside please let us know before hand as the majority of the balloons will be damaged after just a few hours in the sun.

When you have finished with your balloons you can pop them and dispose in normal landfill as they are fully biodegradable. 

Helium Balloons

Us Brits love nothing more than to discuss the weather, so let’s start there.

Chances are, it’s going to be a bit nippy whenever you receive your balloon, so it’s worth bearing in mind how the cold affects helium balloons.

Helium floats due to it being thinner than air, but when it gets cold it makes it dense and therefore heavier than air, causing it to shrivel and sink.

Our clear balloons are made of a thicker material, meaning they’re a lot more durable and can withstand the cold on their travels.

If you’re ordering our Inflated Foil Balloons, please be aware they may look a little less plump on arrival.

Once returned to the warmth, you’ll hear them start to make little popping noises where the helium is expanding the foil balloon back to its rightful state.

On the other end, helium expands in warm temperatures so balloons can burst if left in front of windows, in conservatories, etc. Please take note of this when transporting your balloon - we do not recommend leaving them in a hot car for the day.